In addition to the words of a ceremony, most couples like to include symbolism to visually reinforce the promises being made.

The most ancient and universal of these is the wedding ring. There are many other beautiful rituals you might like to consider.

As it is increasingly common for marrying couples to already have children it can be very meaningful to have them involved, a ritual can be a wonderful way to achieve this.

Unity Sand The couple pour various colours of sand from individual containers into one specially marked container as a symbol of their joining as one. A variation of this is particularly lovely for blended families where each of the children add their own coloured sand. The fact that the sands are joined together but not mixed is a powerful symbol of how marriage can be an experience of unity without losing individuality.

Wedding Unity Candles The Bride & Groom use their own taper to light their large Unity Candle as a symbol of their commitment to be one with each other. Sometimes children, and even parents and grand-parents can also be involved.

Hand fasting Ceremonies In this ritual (which has its origins in Celtic weddings) the couple have their hands lightly tied together with a ribbon or braid during the ceremony. At the conclusion of the ceremony the cord is removed, without being untied, and placed in a small velvet bag or wooden box to be kept of a symbol of the day the couple joined and the promises made.

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