My fee to perform a wedding ceremony is $600, all inclusive. There are only two occasions when extra fees will be charged:

1) Reimbursement of travel to interviews, rehearsals and the ceremony if it is greater than a 100km round trip from Palm Beach.

2) The reimbursement of fees or charges by your wedding venue (admission fees, fares, etc.)

When you decide that you will use me as your celebrant I will require a $150, non-refundable, deposit. This will secure my services for your wedding date. The balance of the fee ($450) will need to be paid two weeks prior to the wedding date.
I will meet with you, either in my office or a place that suits you, as many times as necessary to ensure we get your service the way you want it. I will also be available by email and phone.

I will show you a range of ceremonies which you can either use in full or as starter points to develop your own.

In the days prior to the ceremony I will meet with the wedding party, preferably at the wedding venue, to rehearse the ceremony so that on the day everyone feels comfortable about where they stand and what they do and say.

Depending on the size of the audience, and the venue facilities, I will provide a portable PA system with wireless and wired microphones so that the audience can hear what is being said. I can also supply an MP3 player should you require it.

You will receive a beautiful bound copy of your ceremony to keep.

Your Wedding Certificate will be printed in a choice of calligraphy fonts.

Your documents will be professionally lodged with relevant authorities in a timely manner.