Personalising Your Ceremony
Most people want their ceremony to be a much more significant event than the saying of some legal phrases. They add elements to make it the beautiful and special event they want.
I will work with you to build the event that expresses your personalities, your backgrounds, and your wishes.
Some things you might like to consider
Would you like me to wrap the ceremony in a talk that says something about marriage in the context of your love for each other, your journey together so far and your hopes for the future?
Are there readings – poetry, prose or proverbs – that have special significance for you that you would like included in the ceremony?
How much, if any, music would you like included in the ceremony? Will it be live or pre-recorded and when will it be played?
Are there other people you would like to have involved? (e.g. Giving the Bride and/or Groom away; Reading a special text; Singing a song; presenting a special gift; etc.)
Do you want to use the standard vows in the Marriage Act, or would you like me to write some for you, or would you prefer to write your own?
In our preliminary meetings we will discuss all of these questions, and any others you have. I will show you copies of ceremonies and will work with your ideas to create the marriage ceremony that expresses how you feel about each other and your dreams for the future